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Eight years ago, I was living a completely different life.
I was stuck in a career that felt suffocating. I hated waking up in the mornings and wondered what my great purpose in life was supposed to be. I watched the clock each day waiting for end of the work day to arrive. I felt stuck forever in a government job that would never pay me more than $50,000 per year. I  wondered if this was all my life was going to be.

One pivotal day, I sat in my windowless office surrounded by cinder block walls and watched a video with Will Smith (yes, the FRESH PRINCE of BEL AIR himself!), and he said a phrase that I will never forget, “There is no reason to have a Plan B because it distracts from Plan A.” I burst into tears the moment he said the words because I knew I was living my Plan B life. I knew everything about my career was default, it was the easier path, it was what I was doing because I didn’t actually believe I could do what I really wanted

I changed my thoughts first. Then, I got major clarity about my life's purpose. I finally saw my Plan A Life.



Your educator

After that pivotal moment in my office, I decided to change my career to that of a destination wedding photographer and to get the training to become my own boss. To do this, I played full out. I faced all my money fears. I had nothing more to lose after the lost years I had already experienced living my Plan B. I invested over $30,000 IN ONE YEAR going marketing seminars, business courses, online sales courses, and learning everything I could about running a successful business.

My first full time year as a photographer I made over $120,000. IN MY FIRST YEAR (insert “screaming face” emoji). Since then, I have doubled my salary consistently and have created THREE
6 Figure Businesses within 4 years of leaving my “safe”, salaried day job.

One of the best investments I made has been hiring personal business coaches and attending leadership, marketing, and online branding workshops so I could arm myself with every tool of success. Through mentors, education, making lots of my own mistakes, and a lot of ambition, I became successful in a way I never imagined I could..all through photography.

Three years ago I hosted my first round of THE PATH WORKSHOPS. I created these workshops to bring major transformation to creatives in their businesses. The workshops are designed to help creatives understand how to be more creative and purposeful in their art, then take that art and understand how to market it, how to bring in clients, how to stand out in a crowd, and how to have more joy, peace, and prosperity in their careers. The phrase “starving artist” has no room in my world, I would love to support you in bringing your photography business to SIX FIGURES too.

I was a badass woman born to be creative, tell and write stories, travel this glorious world of ours to every country, love life and others fiercely, and make dreams come true.

Why I created my own workshops

As a new photographer I attended a couple of workshops lead by other photographers, and I came away from the majority of the workshops disappointed, feeling they never got to the heart of how I actually book clients and market effectively. They could teach me how to edit my photos, teach me how to pose people, but how was I supposed to book all those paying clients so I could actually have customers to pose?

That’s when I said no to attending any more photography workshops and instead, started attending workshops that multi-millionaires attended, getting mentorship from them, learning their tricks and secrets to success, becoming a badass marketer, getting my calendar in order, and taking my business to unbelievable heights.

And then, the teacher in me felt strongly that I needed to create a workshop that not only taught you how to take amazing photos in breathtaking locations, but how to market, how to think like a business person and not just an artist. I know what the PATH to success looks like, and I want to share it all with you.

The PATH Workshops were created for you. They were created for photographers and other creatives who need a business bootcamp, they were created to take the mystery out of booking clients, they were created to give you a voice, to teach you how to brand, how to network, what books to read and daily practices to take and to inspire you to raise your standards and your pricing. They were made to serve you, to take you on grand adventures, teach you marketing skills like a badass, and get your business to 6 figures.

They will also open you up to a whole new way of thinking like a creative entrepreneur. I’ll share my daily habits for creating lasting change in your life. I’ll challenge your current thought process and in the workshops, we will work to get you the big breakthroughs that take you to the next level of success.

P.S. Looking a more intimate coaching experience? Learn more about D’Arcy’s private coaching packages here or come watch my live videos over on Instagram and Facebook.


The Path to Success has simple, actionable steps that you can do consistently to build your 6 figure empire.

Creativity and innovation are not just things you are born with, they must be  nurtured by your thoughts and actions.

The market is never saturated with genius. It is saturated with mediocrity. Raise your standards for your business and it will thrive.

When we travel the world, we can’t help but love and understand people who seem different from us. It expands our very ability to love.


our motto:

When I was 4 years old I told my parents that I would live in Paris and New York City one day. I moved to Paris 7 days after my 20th birthday and I moved to NYC 7 days after I turned 26. I’ve also set up homes in Switzerland and Portugal. 

01. I’ve traveled to and taken pictures of

53 countries

I directed plays and musicals in Park City, Utah and with that got a Press Pass to the Sundance Film Festival where I met and photographed tons of celebrities. Daniel Radcliffe, Matthew Goode, and Julie Delpy were among my favorites!

02. I got to photograph

Nicole Kidman, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Amy Poehler...

Yep! I moved to the Big Apple to study directing for screen and theater. This is why I’m often doing jazz hands in my YouTube videos.

03. I Have A Master’s Degree from

New York University

The spelling of my name is so French that only the French understand it. It’s most commonly a last name, signaling where people came from. My dad was living in a French speaking country when he got the inspiration for my name (pretty sure he found it on a map!)

04. There is a well placed


I’ve attended regency balls dressed in regency clothes, learned regency dances, and seek out the Jane Austen festival in Bath, England again and again. Though, Mr. Darcy really should have had an apostrophe in his name.

05. If I could meet anyone from history it would be

Jane Austen

in my name

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I still have the email he sent me! I was able to use his song in a video I made documenting some of the first marriages in Utah for marriage equality.


let me use his song in a movie I made


I didn’t keep track of my visa and stayed too long in the country and got detained and questioned for hours in the Lisbon airport. Never made that mistake again.

07. I was detained and almost imprisoned in


Wouldn’t the best thing in the entire world be if Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason “Aquaman” Mamoa fought over who got to kiss me? I thought so.

08. If I could

French kiss

Yep, I am the size of Gandolph with the appetite of a hobbit. Was that fantasy fiction reference too geeky and dated? I am also geeky and dated.

09. I'm 

six foot tall

I was in Florida and passing the famous Fountain of Youth discovered by ancient explorer Ponce de Leon. The park had closed, so I hopped a fence, crept into the fountain, took a drink, and ran back to my get-a-way car before the security guard could nab me. I haven’t aged a day since.

1o. I took a swig from the

Fountain of Youth

It’s a tie between THE ROCK and Jason Mamoa

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