From my very first email from D'Arcy responding to my inquiry about the PATH Workshop in Cuba, she was courteous, caring, invested and kind. Although simply an email, I could feel her heart and gratitude when she expressed her excitement to have me along for the trip. Cuba was a very foreign place to me, coming from the Canadian east coast. Where we were going wasn't a beach with fruity drinks, we were going to be immersed right into the heart of the culture in Havana, and I was a little scared. That said, D'Arcy was extremely present and responsive with questions that I had leading up to my departure...

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incredibly warm, inclusive, worldly and community spirited mentor and educator, so it is no surprise that the photographers who attend her workshops are of a similar nature; I felt "home" the whole time I was away from it. The group was small and intimate, which evoked an immense sense of engagement and creativity among all of us. Over the course of our time together, we ate wonderful meals, had fruitful discussions, explored historical vistas, created beautiful images, and in the process made deep connections, and forever friends with each other, who I still communicate with often.

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and once I got there and was welcomed by her sincere smile and big hug, I couldn't wait to get started.

The PATH Workshop was different than any workshop I had ever attended, and I have been to several. I was able to take away pieces of information, suggestions and friendships from the other workshops, but D'Arcy's left me feeling like I could take on the world, and I truly believed her when she said that there is enough work for everyone, and we simply have to afford ourselves the time and effort to make it happen. D'Arcy is an

Hand on heart, this was the best decision I could have made for my my heart, my spirit, my business, and my creative mind.

I loved the experience so much, that I am embarking on my very first visit to France with her and 3 other photographers in the Spring. If you have been thinking about attending one The PATH workshops, but haven't because you've thought that you, "aren't a film shooter", "aren't ready', "aren't good enough", "don't have the money right now", "are too busy right now", "your kids need you", etc., please reconsider. Find the money, find the time, give this gift to yourself and your business. This is an investment well worth the money and time you will spend, I plan to attend more of The PATH Workshops in future years as well.

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This past year working with D'Arcy has been incredible. D'Arcy is someone who can see your full potential, and also help you find the resources to make that potential a reality.

This year I traveled the world photographing catwalks from Paris to Milan, now have been published in multiple magazines, surpassed my financial goals, and I am now moving my business from Utah to New York City. She has given me the tools to continue to grow my business to something I never thought possible.

Going to D'Arcy's workshop was such a great decision! I came home feeling so refreshed, inspired and ready to implement all the things I learned into my business. One of the biggest differences between D'Arcy's workshops and other workshops is that not only does she teach photography but she talks a ton about business strategies and business mindset. Having the right business mindset has been huge for me and so impactful in bringing in business.

Since I've been home and implementing all the things D'Arcy taught me, my inbox has been overflowing with inquiries...

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and people who want to work with me!

It's been so encouraging to see results and feel like I'm doing something right. I highly recommend any of D'Arcy's workshops, she will give you practical tools to apply to your business that will work! Plus, she's one of the funniest people I know. It's always a blast with her!

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The Path Workshop in France was one of the most incredibly awesome experiences I have ever had. I am so glad ​that I decided to attend it! As a full-time photographer, I am continuously doing my best to make my business work ​and be successful​. But I felt that I had reached a limit in what I was achieving on my own. ​D'Arcy gave me the right keys and tools to help me to find my dream clients and to get my business on the right track for extra growth!

It was ​well worth the investment, ​and ​the last few months​ have been my most successful ones ​ever...

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I even booked my first destination wedding clients.

The only bad thing is that​ every time the Path Team releases new dates at all of their​ amazing locations, I want to sign up ​immediately ​for each one!

D'Arcy really has worked hard to invest in herself and to pass all that she has learnt through her workshops is quite invaluable. Courses and learning like this is hard to come by and I am so lucky to have been able to attend her workshop in Ireland.

The amount of information we received as well as being able to ask as many questions as we would like is hands down the best way to invest in yourself and your business.

Intensive but informative. No faffing around. To the point and knowing that it works is a huge deal.



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Attending D'Arcy's PATH Workshops this summer has been one of the most amazing experiences I've had! Not only was the content prepared with the utmost care and attention and every vendor involved presented their best thought through work, but the location and atmosphere had been incredible.

The workshop was held at the chateau in Giverny, France - a jaw dropping scene on its own. But when you add fairytale-worthy florals by the Garden Gate Flower Company, rustic styling by Nessa B., beautiful models and makeup and hair, pure magic is born!

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We were allowed to photograph everything and I could not stop myself. D'Arcy guided us through the technical bits, posing the models in an effortless way, gave us pointers regarding styling, lighting, best angles, colours and so many other things you cannot read in a book or a manual.

The Path Workshop was wonderful! It helped me find specific actionable steps I could take immediately to make my business and my life better.

Two months after implementing the strategies I learned, I had one of my most successful months ever (financially, personally, just overall kickassery) and the success has continued to grow. Such a worthwhile investment.



Attending the photoshoot day of The Path Workshops was a game-changer for me. I walked away with a confidence in my abilities as a photographer and excitement to move my business forward!

D'Arcy answered every question that I brought to her and encouraged me to let go of my self doubts and worries and to not be afraid of pushing for my goals!

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launch! Beyond just sharing marketing knowledge and business strategies with you, D'Arcy truly cares about what is happening in your life and knows how it can affect your mindset and emotional outlook. Being a solo entrepreneur can be scary and lonely at times, it is amazing to be able to bounce off ideas from someone who is not only successful in running her own business, but also understanding of how to cope with the emotional ups and downs of solo entrepreneur.

After 3 months of working with D'Arcy, she has completely transformed the way I think...

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on Instagram was enough to drive sales. After months of doing that, I was not getting the sales that I had wanted. I started to doubt whether people would be interested in my products at all. Working with D'Arcy really opened my eyes and made me feel confident that I had something unique to offer to the market. My sessions with her not only helped me discover the heart behind my brand and what I believed in, but more importantly how to communicate it to my target audience in an engaging way. This helped tremendously in connecting with my audience and getting the momentum that I needed for a successful new collection...

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Before working with her, I was timid and afraid to share too much with my audience. Throughout the 3 months, she continued to push me beyond my comfort zone, which was key in transforming my business. The successful launch of my new collection has more than paid off the investment that I had made in D'Arcy. While I still have a lot of learn about growing a business, I now feel more confident than ever that I am on the right track. The skills and the mindset that I have learned from D'Arcy are things I can apply to my business over and over again as I continue to grow! For any creative entrepreneur who feels lost,

confused, or unsure about how to grow their business, I would highly recommend you get in touch with D'Arcy ASAP!

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