November 11-21, 2022



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Join us as we sail in a deluxe River Boat on a journey designed for ultimate wonder and beauty. Where we enter Temples dedicated to pharaohs long ago, and perceive their journey to the other shores, carried on boats of faith and longing. 

Experience the matchless beauty of sunset on statues and heiroglyph-etched pillars. Join the quest to bridge time from then to now, from there to here. Find ourselves entranced with the dance of delight in life. 

Walk among the Great Pyramids and gaze on the Sphinx. Enter the ancient library site in Alexandria, where a state-of-the-art modern library now stands. Dare to experience Cleopatra territory! 

From horse-drawn carriage to deluxe coach, from mighty pyramids to mysterious sphinx, from water to sunrise, and exuberance to silence, this is a journey to be entered body and soul – and we will never be the same!

see you there!

Encounter Egypt


North America to Cairo

Arrival & Welcome Dinner

Welcome Breakfast
Pyramids of Saqqara & Giza
Great Sphinx

Grand Egypt Museum
Cave Church of St. Simon
Nile River Dinner

Depart for Luxor & Nile Cruise
Temples of Karnak
Temples of Luxor

Colossi of Memnon
Temple of Hatshepsut
Valley of the Kings & Queens

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day 4

Day 5

day 6

Temple of Edfu
Temple of Kom Ombo

Nubian Village
Felucca Ride
Temple of Philae

Greco-Roman Alexandria

Bibliotheca Alexandria
Montaza Palace and Gardens

Citadel of Cairo
Gayer Anderson Museum

Return home

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day 12

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